LG W2363D-PF Review

LG W2363D-PF Review

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The LG W2363D is a 23-inch monitor with LED backlight and Full HD resolution, but the highlight is without a doubt the 3D capabilities of this screen–especially for games.

LG W2363D-PF


Naturally it can also be used as a conventional monitor, but thanks to its refresh rate of 120 Hertz it is definitely targeted at gamers. It uses a matte 120Hz  TN panel (the most common variant) with a screen size of 23 inches. The native resolution of the LG W2363D is 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is a good resolution for a monitor this size and gives you Full-HD quality when watching movies.

A pleasant surprise with this monitor is that it offers a very high brightness (400 cd/m²), which is mainly thanks to its LED backlighting technology. It is also good for 3D games due to a low response time of just 3 milliseconds, which prevents image blur during rapid movements.

On the other hand it also works nicely as a regular 2D screen; the picture is high on contrast, even if the 70,000:1 contrast ration has to be met with some skepticism–this is a “dynamic ratio”, which is not the same as static contrast ratio. Nevertheless it performs well and the colors seemed natural. The power consumption is roughly 40 watts in operation, which puts it on average with other LED monitors.

In terms of connectivity, the W2363D-PF comes with 2 HDMI, DVI and VGA/D-Sub interfaces, which is a nice range of options but not a factor that sets it apart from the mainstream. To make use of the monitor’s 3D gaming capabilities you will also need an Nvidia 3D Vision kit and a compatible graphics card (Nvidia’s GeForce line). Watching 3D movies and playing games in 3D is an awesome experience, but you have to take into account that a TN panel offers a limited viewing angles.

Design and Ergonomics

The glossy black piano finish of of the LG W2363D-PF’s casing looks great but is also very susceptible to fingerprints. For operation of the monitor, LG has foregone mechanical buttons in favor of discrete touch-sensitive buttons on the right hand side of the chassis. These buttons are difficult to locate at first, but quick to respond. In addition, it comes with a fast way to switch between different presets, such as gaming or movies.

On the whole, its design is hardly original but stylish with its rounded foot. Otherwise it is mostly in line with what’s currently available on the market. The screen can be tilted vertically or horizontally but is unfortunately not height adjustable.

To summarize, the W2363D offers good picture quality in 2D as well as 3D, albeit with somewhat limited viewing angles. Its panel provides a very bright, high contrast image with natural colors.


* Compatible with Nvidia 3D Vision* 3ms response time * 120Hz refresh rate* No hight adjustment * Limited viewing angles